IModelHostConfiguration Class

Configuration of imodeljs-backend.


Name Type Description
appAssetsDir undefined | string The directory where the app's assets are found.  
briefcaseCacheDir Accessor string The path where the cache of briefcases are stored.  
defaultTileRequestTimeout Static number The default time, in milliseconds, used for IModelHostConfiguration.tileTreeRequestTimeout and IModelHostConfiguration.tileContentRequestTimeout.  
imodelClient undefined | IModelClient The kind of iModel server to use.  
nativePlatform undefined | any The native platform to use -- normally, the app should leave this undefined.  
tileCacheCredentials undefined | CloudStorageServiceCredentials The credentials to use for the tile cache service. Beta
tileContentRequestTimeout number The time, in milliseconds, for which IModelTileRpcInterface.requestTileContent should wait before returning a "pending" status.  
tileTreeRequestTimeout number The time, in milliseconds, for which IModelTileRpcInterface.requestTileTreeProps should wait before returning a "pending" status.  
useTileContentThreadPool boolean If true, requests for tile content will execute on a separate thread pool in order to avoid blocking other, less expensive asynchronous requests such as ECSql queries.  

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Last Updated: 13 May, 2019