Name Description  
DrawingGraphicRepresentsFunctionalElement Relates a DrawingGraphic to the FunctionalElement that it represents  
FunctionalBreakdownElement A FunctionalBreakdownElement is a folder node in the functional hierarchy.  
FunctionalComponentElement A FunctionalComponentElement is a leaf node in the functional hierarchy.  
FunctionalElement A FunctionalElement captures functional requirements that will ultimately be fulfilled by a PhysicalElement.  
FunctionalElementIsOfType Relates a FunctionalElement to its FunctionalType  
FunctionalModel A container for persisting FunctionalElements.  
FunctionalPartition A FunctionalPartition element is a key part of the iModel information hierarchy and is always parented  
FunctionalType Defines a set of properties (the 'type') that can be associated with a Functional Element.  
PhysicalElementFulfillsFunction Relates a PhysicalElement to the FunctionalElement elements that it fulfills.  

Last Updated: 01 November, 2019