ECSqlStatementCache Class

A cache for ECSqlStatements.

Preparing ECSqlStatements can be costly. This class provides a way to save previously prepared ECSqlStatements for reuse.

Both IModelDbs and ECDbs have a built-in ECSqlStatementCache. So normally you do not have to maintain your own cache.


Name Description
constructor(maxCount: number = Config.App.getNumber("imjs_ecsql_cache_size", 40)): ECSqlStatementCache    
add(str: string, stmt: ECSqlStatement): void    
clear(): void    
find(str: string): CachedECSqlStatement | undefined    
getCount(): number    
release(stmt: ECSqlStatement): void    
removeUnusedStatementsIfNecessary(): void    
replace(str: string, stmt: ECSqlStatement): void    


Name Type Description
maxCount number    

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020