ECSqlColumnInfo Interface

Information about an ECSQL column in an ECSQL query result. See ECSqlValue.columnInfo, ECSqlStatement.getValue, ECSqlStatement


Name Description
getAccessString(): string Gets the full access string to the corresponding ECSqlValue starting from the root class.  
getPropertyName(): string Gets the name of the property backing the column.  
getRootClassAlias(): string Gets the class alias of the root class to which the column refers to.  
getRootClassName(): string Gets the fully qualified name of the ECClass of the top-level ECProperty backing this column.  
getRootClassTableSpace(): string Gets the table space in which this root class is persisted.  
getType(): ECSqlValueType Gets the data type of the column.  
isEnum(): boolean Indicates whether the column refers to an ECEnumeration property.  
isGeneratedProperty(): boolean Indicates whether the column is backed by a generated property or not.  
isSystemProperty(): boolean Indicates whether the column refers to a system property (e.g.  

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020