ChangedElementsDb Class


An ChangedElementsDb file



Name Description
constructor(): ChangedElementsDb    
closeDb(): void Close the Db after saving any uncommitted changes.  
dispose(): void    
getChangedElements(startChangesetId: string, endChangesetId: string): ChangedElements | undefined Get changed elements between two changesets  
isProcessed(changesetId: string): boolean Returns true if the cache already contains this changeset Id  
processChangesets(requestContext: AuthorizedClientRequestContext, briefcase: IModelDb, rulesetId: string, startChangesetId: string, endChangesetId: string, filterSpatial?: false | true): Promise<DbResult> Processes a range of changesets and adds it to the changed elements cache  
createDb(briefcase: IModelDb, pathName: string): ChangedElementsDb Static Create the changed elements cache db  
openDb(pathName: string, openMode: ECDbOpenMode = ECDbOpenMode.Readonly): ChangedElementsDb Static Open the Changed Elements Db.  


Name Type Description
isOpen Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if the Changed Elements Db is open  

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Last Updated: 13 May, 2019