XYParitySearchContext Class

  • XYParitySearchContext is an internal class for callers that can feed points (without extracting to array structures)
  • Most will be via static methods which handle a specific data source.
    • PolygonOps.classifyPointInPolygon (x,y,points: XAndY[])
    • HalfEdgeGraphSearch.pointInOrOnFaceXY (halfEdgeOnFace, x, y) Use pattern:
  • Caller must be able walk around polygon producing x,y coordinates (possibly transformed from actual polygon)
  • Caller announce edges to tryStartEdge until finding one acceptable to the search.
  • Caller then passes additional points up to and including both x0,y0 and x1, y1 of the accepted start edge. Call sequence is: context = new XYParitySearchContext repeat { acquire edge (x0,y0) (x1,y1)} until context.tryStartEdge (x0,y0,x1,y1); for each (x,y) beginning AFTER x1,y1 and ending with (x1,y1) context.advance (x,y) return context.classifyCounts ();


Name Description
constructor(xTest: number, yTest: number): XYParitySearchContext Create a new searcher for specified test point.  
advance(x: number, y: number): boolean Return true if parity accumulation proceeded normally.  
classifyCounts(): number | undefined Return classification as ON, IN, or OUT according to hit and crossing counts.  
tryStartEdge(x0: number, y0: number, x1: number, y1: number): boolean test if x,y is a safe first coordinate to start the search.  


Name Type Description
numHit number    
numLeftCrossing number    
numRightCrossing number    
u0 number    
u1 number    
v0 number    
v1 number    
xTest number    
yTest number    

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019