SignedDataSummary<T> Class

Class to accumulate statistics about a stream of signed numbers with tag items.

  • All sums, counts, extrema, and item values are initialized to zero in the constructor.
  • Each call to announceItem (item, value) updates the various sums, counts, and extrema.


Name Description
constructor(createArrays: boolean): SignedDataSummary setup with zero sums and optional arrays  
announceItem(item: T, data: number): void update with an item and its data value.  


Name Type Description
largestNegativeItem undefined | T the tag item item with the most negative data  
largestNegativeValue number    
largestPositiveItem undefined | T the tag item item with the largest positive data  
largestPositiveValue number    
negativeItemArray undefined | T[] array of all negative area items  
negativeSum number sum of negative area items  
numNegative number number of negative area items  
numPositive number number of positive area items  
numZero number number of zero area items  
positiveItemArray undefined | T[] array of positive area items  
positiveSum number sum of all positive area items  
zeroItemArray undefined | T[] array of zero area items  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019