HalfEdgeGraphSearch Class


Name Description
collectConnectedComponentsWithExteriorParityMasks(graph: HalfEdgeGraph, parityEdgeTester: HalfEdgeTestObject | undefined, parityMask: HalfEdgeMask = HalfEdgeMask.NULL_MASK): HalfEdge[][] Static Collect arrays gathering faces by connected component.  
collectFaceAreaSummary(source: HalfEdgeGraph | HalfEdge[], collectAllNodes: boolean = false): SignedDataSummary<HalfEdge> Static Return a summary structure data about face areas.  
findMinimumAreaFace(oneCandidateNodePerFace: HalfEdgeGraph | HalfEdge[]): HalfEdge Static Search an array of faceSeed nodes for the face with the most negative area.  
pointInOrOnFaceXY(seedNode: HalfEdge, x: number, y: number): number | undefined Static Test if (x,y) is inside (1), on an edge (0) or outside (-1) a face.  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019