Analytic Solids in the GeometryQuery hierarchy: Box, Sphere, Cone, TorusPipe, LinearSweep, RotationalSweep, RuledSweep

  • Box -- a box solid. This is usually rectangular on all faces, but can in one directly like a view frustum
  • Sphere -- a sphere
  • Cone -- a cone or cylinder
  • TorusPipe -- a pipe elbow
  • LinearSweep -- a linear sweep of a base contour
  • RotationalSweep -- a rotational sweep of a base contour
  • RuledSweep -- two or more similarly structured contours joined by linear rule lines.


Name Description  
BilinearPatch * A Bilinear patch is defined by its 4 corner points.  
Cone A cone with axis along the z axis of a (possibly skewed) local coordinate system.  
LinearSweep A LinearSweep is  
SolidPrimitive Base class for SolidPrimitve variants.  
Sphere A Sphere is  
SweepContour Sweepable contour with Transform for local to world interaction.  
TorusPipe the stored form of the torus pipe is oriented for positive volume:  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
CurvePrimitiveMutator type for a function argument taking 2 curves and returning another curve or failing with undefined.  

Last Updated: 10 April, 2019