RangeLengthData Class

Accumulated data for x,y,z length statistics in ranges.

  • Usage pattern:
    • create a enw RangeLengthData:
      • myData = new RangeLengthData ();
    • announce ranges to be accumulated:
      • (many times) `myData.accumulateRowableXYZArrayRange (points);
    • access data in public members:
      • myData.range -- the composite range.
      • myData.xLength, myData.yLength, myData.zLength -- mean, minMax, count, and standardDeviation of range lengths in x,y,z directions.


Name Description
constructor(): RangeLengthData    
accumulateGrowableXYZArrayRange(points: GrowableXYZArray): void Extend the range and length sums by the range of points in an array.  


Name Type Description
range Range3d Overall range of all data observed by accumulate methods.  
xSums UsageSums    
ySums UsageSums    
zSums UsageSums    

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020