JointOptions Class

  • control parameters for joint construction.
  • Decision order is:
    • if turn angle is greater than minArcDegrees, make an arc.
    • if turn angle is less than or equal maxChamferTurnDegrees, extend curves along tangent to single intersection point.
    • if turn angle is greater than maxChamferTurnDegrees, construct multiple lines that are tangent to the turn circle "from the outside",
        with each equal turn less than maxChamferTurnDegrees.
    • otherwise make single edge.


Name Description
constructor(leftOffsetDistance: number, minArcDegrees: number = 180, maxChamferDegrees: number = 90): JointOptions Construct JointOptions.  
needArc(theta: Angle): boolean return true if the options indicate this amount of turn should be handled with an arc.  
numChamferPoints(theta: Angle): number Test if turn by theta should be output as single point.  
create(leftOffsetDistanceOrOptions: number | JointOptions): JointOptions Static Parse a number of JointOptions up to JointOptions:
* If leftOffsetDistanceOptions is a number, create a JointOptions with default arc and chamfer values.


Name Type Description
leftOffsetDistance number    
maxChamferTurnDegrees number    
minArcDegrees number smallest arc to construct.  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019