PolyfaceData Class

PolyfaceData carries data arrays for point, normal, param, color and their indices.

  • IndexedPolyface carries a PolyfaceData as a member. (NOT as a base class -- it already has GeometryQuery as base)
  • IndexedPolyfaceVisitor uses PolyfaceData as a base class.

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Name Description
constructor(needNormals: boolean = false, needParams: boolean = false, needColors: boolean = false): PolyfaceData Constructor for facets.  
clone(): PolyfaceData Return a depp clone.  
compress(): void * Search for duplication of coordinates within points, normals, and params.  
copyNormalTo(i: number, dest: Vector3d): void Copy the contents (not pointer) of normal[i] into dest.  
copyParamTo(i: number, dest: Point2d): void Copy the contents (not pointer) of param[i] into dest.  
copyPointTo(i: number, dest: Point3d): void Copy the contents (not pointer) of point[i] into dest.  
gatherIndexedData(other: PolyfaceData, index0: number, index1: number, numWrap: number): void * Copy data from other to this.  
getColor(i: number): number return indexed color  
getEdgeVisible(i: number): boolean return indexed visibility  
getNormal(i: number): Vector3d | undefined return indexed normal.  
getParam(i: number): Point2d | undefined return indexed param.  
getPoint(i: number): Point3d | undefined return indexed point.  
isAlmostEqual(other: PolyfaceData): boolean Test for equal indices and nearly equal coordinates  
isAlmostEqualParamIndexUV(index: number, u: number, v: number): boolean test if normal at a specified index matches uv  
range(result?: Range3d, transform?: Transform): Range3d Return the range of the point array (optionally transformed)  
resizeAllDataArrays(length: number): void Resize all data arrays to specified length  
reverseIndices(facetStartIndex?: number[]): void reverse indices facet-by-facet, with the given facetStartIndex array delimiting faces.  
reverseNormals(): void Scale all the normals by -1  
trimAllIndexArrays(length: number): void Trim all index arrays to stated length.  
tryTransformInPlace(transform: Transform): boolean Apply transform to point and normal arrays.  
isValidFacetStartIndexArray(facetStartIndex: number[]): boolean Static Test if facetStartIndex is (minimally!) valid:
length must be nonzero (recall that for "no facets" the facetStartIndexArray still must contain a 0)
Each entry must be strictly smaller than the one that follows.
reverseIndices<T>(facetStartIndex: number[], indices: T[] | undefined, preserveStart: boolean): boolean Static Reverse data in facet indexing arrays.  


Name Type Description
auxData PolyfaceAuxData | undefined Auxiliary data  
color number[] | undefined Color values.  
colorCount Accessor ReadOnly number Get the color count  
colorIndex number[] | undefined Indices of colors at facet vertices.  
edgeVisible boolean[] booleans indicating visibility of corresponding edges  
face FacetFaceData[] Face data will remain empty until a face is specified.  
faceCount Accessor ReadOnly number Get the number of faces.  
indexCount Accessor ReadOnly number Get the index count.  
normal GrowableXYZArray | undefined Coordinates of normal vectors, packed as numbers in a contiguous array  
normalCount Accessor ReadOnly number Get the normal count  
normalIndex number[] | undefined indices of normals at facet vertices.  
param undefined | GrowableXYArray Coordinates of uv parameters, packed as numbers in a contiguous array.  
paramCount Accessor ReadOnly number Get the param count  
paramIndex number[] | undefined Indics of params at facet vertices.  
point GrowableXYZArray Coordinate data for points in the facets, packed as numbers in a contiguous array.  
pointCount Accessor ReadOnly number Get the point count  
pointIndex number[] Indices of points at facet vertices.  
requireNormals Accessor ReadOnly boolean Ask if normals are required in this mesh.  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019