addGreedyTriangulationBetweenLineStrings Method

Create (and add to the builder) triangles that bridge the gap between two linestrings.

  • Each triangle will have 1 vertex on one of the linestrings and 2 on the other
  • Choice of triangles is heuristic, hence does not have a unique solution.
  • Logic to choice among the various possible triangle orders prefers
    • Make near-coplanar facets
    • make facets with good aspect ratio.
    • This is exercised with a limited number of lookahead points, i.e. greedy to make first-available decision.

addGreedyTriangulationBetweenLineStrings(pointsA: Point3d[] | LineString3d | IndexedXYZCollection, pointsB: Point3d[] | LineString3d | IndexedXYZCollection): void

Parameter Type Description
pointsA Point3d[] | LineString3d | IndexedXYZCollection points of first linestring.
pointsB Point3d[] | LineString3d | IndexedXYZCollection points of second linestring.

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Last Updated: 01 November, 2019