IndexedEdgeMatcher Class

An IndexedEdgeMatcher carries an array (edges) of edges start & end indices for sorting and subsequent analyses (such as testing for closed mesh)


Name Description
constructor(): IndexedEdgeMatcher    
addEdge(vertexA: number, vertexB: number, facetIndex: number): SortableEdge push a new edge.  
addPath(vertexArray: number[], facetIndex: number, closeLoop: boolean = true): void Push edges all around a facet, returning to vertexArray[0]  
sort(): void Sort the edge index array.  
sortAndCollectClusters(manifoldPairs: SortableEdgeCluster[] | undefined, singletons: SortableEdgeCluster[] | undefined, nullEdges: SortableEdgeCluster[] | undefined, allOtherClusters: SortableEdgeCluster[] | undefined): void sort the edges, and look for three categories of paired edges:
* caller must allocate all result arrays of interest.


Name Type Description
edges SortableEdge[]    

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019