AuxChannel Class

Represents a single PolyfaceAuxData channel. A channel may represent a single scalar value such as stress or temperature or may represent displacements from vertex position or replacements for normals.


Name Description
constructor(data: AuxChannelData[], dataType: AuxChannelDataType, name?: string, inputName?: string): AuxChannel create a AuxChannel  
clone(): AuxChannel Return a deep clone  
isAlmostEqual(other: AuxChannel, tol?: number): boolean toleranced comparison of contents.  


Name Type Description
data AuxChannelData[] An array of AuxChannelData that represents the vertex data at one or more input values.  
dataType AuxChannelDataType type indicator for this channel.  
entriesPerValue Accessor ReadOnly number return the number of data values per entry (1 for scalar, 3 for point or vector  
inputName undefined | string The input name.  
isScalar Accessor ReadOnly boolean return true if the data for this channel is of scalar type (single data entry per value)  
name undefined | string The channel name.  
scalarRange Accessor ReadOnly Range1d | undefined return the range of the scalar data.  
valueCount Accessor ReadOnly number return value count  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019