CurveExtendOptions Class

Logic for deciding how a curve may be extended for closest point or intersection searches.


Name Description
correctFraction(extendParam: VariantCurveExtendParameter, fraction: number): number Static * if fraction is between 0 and 1 return it unchanged.  
resolveRadiansToSweepFraction(extendParam: VariantCurveExtendParameter, radians: number, sweep: AngleSweep): number Static Adjust a radians value to an angle sweep, allowing the extendParam to affect choice among periodic fractions.  
resolveVariantCurveExtendParameterToCurveExtendMode(param: VariantCurveExtendParameter, endIndex: 0 | 1): CurveExtendMode Static Given an ExtendParameter, isolate the particular CurveExtendOptions in effect at an end.  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019