UVSurfaceLocationDetail Class

CurveLocationDetail carries point and paramter data about a point evaluated on a curve.

  • These are returned by a variety of queries.
  • Particular contents can vary among the queries.


Name Description
constructor(surface?: UVSurface, uv?: Point2d, point?: Point3d): UVSurfaceLocationDetail Construct with empty data.  
createSurfaceUVPoint(surface: UVSurface | undefined, uv: Point2d, point: Point3d): UVSurfaceLocationDetail Static Create a new detail structure.  


Name Type Description
a number A context-specific numeric value.  
point Point3d The point on the surface  
surface undefined | UVSurface The surface being evaluated  
uv Point2d uv coordinates in the surface  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019