getFractionToDistanceScale Method

  • If the curve primitive has distance-along-curve strictly proportional to curve fraction, return true
  • If distance-along-the-curve is not proportional, return undefined.
  • When defined, the scale factor is always the length of the curve.
  • This scale factor is typically available for these curve types:
    • All LineSegment3d
    • Arc3d which is a true circular arc (axes perpendicular and of equal length).
    • CurveChainWithDistanceIndex
  • This scale factor is undefined for these curve types:
    • Arc3d which is a true ellipse, i.e. unequal lengths of defining vectors or non-perpendicular defining vectors.
    • bspline and bezier curves

getFractionToDistanceScale(): number | undefined

Returns - scale factor or undefined

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019