curveLengthWithFixedIntervalCountQuadrature Method

  • Run an integration (with a default gaussian quadrature) with a fixed fractional step
  • This is typically called by specific curve type implementations of curveLengthBetweenFractions.
    • For example, in Arc3d implementation of curveLengthBetweenFractions:
      • If the Arc3d is true circular, it the arc is true circular, use the direct arcLength = radius * sweepRadians
      • If the Arc3d is not true circular, call this method with an interval count appropriate to eccentricity and sweepRadians.

curveLengthWithFixedIntervalCountQuadrature(fraction0: number, fraction1: number, numInterval: number, numGauss: number = 5): number

Parameter Type Description
fraction0 number start fraction for integration
fraction1 number end fraction for integration
numInterval number number of quadrature intervals
numGauss number  

Returns - Returns an integral estimated by numerical quadrature between the fractional positions.

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019