appendPlaneIntersectionPoints Method

Compute intersections with a plane.

  • The intersections are appended to the result array.
  • The base class implementation emits strokes to an AppendPlaneIntersectionStrokeHandler object, which uses a Newton iteration to get high-accuracy intersection points within strokes.
  • Derived classes should override this default implementation if there are easy analytic solutions.
  • Derived classes are free to implement extended intersections (e.g. arc!!!)

appendPlaneIntersectionPoints(plane: PlaneAltitudeEvaluator, result: CurveLocationDetail[]): number

Parameter Type Description
plane PlaneAltitudeEvaluator The plane to be intersected.
result CurveLocationDetail[] Array to receive intersections

Returns - Return the number of CurveLocationDetail's added to the result array.

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019