addMappedStrokesToLineString3D Method

  • evaluate strokes at fractions indicated in a StrokeCountMap.
    • Base class implementation (here) gets the simple count from computeStrokeCountForOptions and strokes at uniform fractions.
    • LineString3d, arc3d, BezierCurve3d, BezierCurve3dH accept that default.
    • Subdivided primitives (linestring, bspline curve) implement themselves and evaluate within components.
    • CurvePrimitiveWithDistanceIndex recurses to its children.
  • if packedFraction and packedDerivative arrays are present in the LineString3d, fill them.

addMappedStrokesToLineString3D(map: StrokeCountMap, linestring: LineString3d): number

Parameter Type Description
map StrokeCountMap = stroke count data.
linestring LineString3d = receiver linestring.

Returns - number of strokes added. 0 if any errors matching the map to the curve primitive.

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020