CurveLocationDetailPair Class

A pair of CurveLocationDetail.


Name Description
constructor(detailA?: CurveLocationDetail, detailB?: CurveLocationDetail): CurveLocationDetailPair    
clone(result?: CurveLocationDetailPair): CurveLocationDetailPair Make a deep copy of this CurveLocationDetailPair  
createCapture(detailA: CurveLocationDetail, detailB: CurveLocationDetail, result?: CurveLocationDetailPair): CurveLocationDetailPair Static Create a curve detail pair using references to two CurveLocationDetails  


Name Type Description
approachType undefined | CurveCurveApproachType enumeration of how the detail pairs relate.  
detailA CurveLocationDetail The first of the two details ...  
detailB CurveLocationDetail The second of the two details ...  

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020