CoordinateXYZ Class

A Coordinate is a Point3d with supporting methods from the GeometryQuery abstraction.



Name Description
clone(): GeometryQuery | undefined return a clone  
cloneTransformed(transform: Transform): GeometryQuery | undefined return a transformed clone.  
dispatchToGeometryHandler(handler: GeometryHandler): any Second step of double dispatch: call handler.handleCoordinateXYZ(this)  
extendRange(rangeToExtend: Range3d, transform?: Transform): void extend rangeToExtend to include this point (optionally transformed)  
isAlmostEqual(other: GeometryQuery): boolean test for exact structure and nearly identical geometry.  
isSameGeometryClass(other: GeometryQuery): boolean test if (other instanceof Coordinate).  
range(): Range3d return the range of the point  
tryTransformInPlace(transform: Transform): boolean Apply transform to the Coordinate's point.  
create(point: Point3d): CoordinateXYZ Static Create a new CoordinateXYZ containing a CLONE of point  
createXYZ(x: number = 0, y: number = 0, z: number = 0): CoordinateXYZ Static Create a new CoordinateXYZ  

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
tryTranslateInPlace(dx: number, dy: number = 0, dz: number = 0): boolean GeometryQuery try to move the geometry by dx,dy,dz


Name Type Description
geometryCategory "point" = "point"    
point Accessor ReadOnly Point3d Return a (REFERENCE TO) the coordinate data.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
children Accessor ReadOnly GeometryQuery[] | undefined GeometryQuery return GeometryQuery children for recursive queries.

* leaf classes do not need to implement.

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019