doesClipperIntersectRange MethodStatic

Test if various types of clippers have any intersection with a range.

  • This follows the same logic as rangeOfClipperIntersectionWithRange but attempts to exit at earliest point of confirmed intersection
  • ConvexClipPlaneSet -- dispatch to doesConvexClipPlaneSetIntersectRange
  • UnionOfConvexClipPlaneSet -- union of ranges of member ConvexClipPlaneSet
  • ClipPrimitive -- access its UnionOfConvexClipPlaneSet.
  • ClipVector -- intersection of the ranges of its ClipPrimitive.
  • undefined -- entire input range.
  • If observeInvisibleFlag is false, the "invisible" properties are ignored, and holes do not affect the result.
  • If observeInvisibleFlag is true, the "invisible" properties are observed, and may affect the result.

doesClipperIntersectRange(clipper: ConvexClipPlaneSet | UnionOfConvexClipPlaneSets | ClipPrimitive | ClipVector | undefined, range: Range3d, observeInvisibleFlag: boolean = true): boolean

Parameter Type Description
clipper ConvexClipPlaneSet | UnionOfConvexClipPlaneSets | ClipPrimitive | ClipVector | undefined  
range Range3d non-null range.
observeInvisibleFlag boolean indicates how "invisible" bit is applied for ClipPrimitive.

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Last Updated: 13 October, 2019