RangeBase Class

Base class for Range1d, Range2d, Range3d.

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Name Description
coordinateToRangeAbsoluteDistance(x: number, low: number, high: number): number Static Given a coordinate and pair of range limits, return the smallest distance to the range.  
isExtremePoint2d(xy: Point2d): boolean Static Return true if either of x,y is outside the range `[_EXTREME_NEGATIVE, _EXTREME_POSITIVE]'  
isExtremePoint3d(xyz: Point3d): boolean Static Return true if any x or y or z is outside the range `[_EXTREME_NEGATIVE, _EXTREME_POSITIVE]'  
isExtremeValue(x: number): boolean Static Return true if x is outside the range `[_EXTREME_NEGATIVE, _EXTREME_POSITIVE]'  
npcScaleFactor(low: number, high: number): number ProtectedStatic Return 0 if high<= low, otherwise 1/(high-low) for use in fractionalizing  
rangeToRangeAbsoluteDistance(lowA: number, highA: number, lowB: number, highB: number): number Static Return the min absolute distance from any point of [lowA,highA]' to any point of[lowB,highB]'.  


Name Type Description
_EXTREME_NEGATIVE ProtectedStatic number Number considered to be impossibly negative for a coordinate in a range.  
_EXTREME_POSITIVE ProtectedStatic number Number considered impossibly large possibly for a coordinate in a range.  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019