Point4dArray Class

The Point4dArray class contains static methods that act on arrays of 4d points.


Name Description
isAlmostEqual(dataA: Point4d[] | Float64Array | undefined, dataB: Point4d[] | Float64Array | undefined): boolean Static test for near equality of all corresponding numeric values, treated as coordinates.  
isCloseToPlane(data: Point4d[] | Float64Array, plane: Plane3dByOriginAndUnitNormal, tolerance: number = Geometry.smallMetricDistance): boolean Static return true iff all xyzw points' altitudes are within tolerance of the plane.  
multiplyInPlace(transform: Transform, xyzw: Float64Array): void Static Multiply (and replace) each block of 4 values as a Point4d.  
packPointsAndWeightsToFloat64Array(points: Point3d[], weights: number[], result?: Float64Array): Float64Array Static pack each point and its corresponding weight into a buffer of xyzw xyzw ...  
packToFloat64Array(data: Point4d[], result?: Float64Array): Float64Array Static pack x,y,z,w in Float64Array.  
unpackFloat64ArrayToPointsAndWeights(data: Float64Array, points: Point3d[], weights: number[], pointFormatter: (x: number, y: number, z: number) => any = Point3d.create): void Static unpack from xyzw xyzw...  
unpackToPoint4dArray(data: Float64Array): Point4d[] Static unpack from ...  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019