ClipPrimitive Class

  • ClipPrimitive is a base class for clipping implementations that use
    • A ClipPlaneSet designated "clipPlanes"
    • an "invisible" flag
  • When constructed directly, objects of type ClipPrimitive (directly, not through a derived class) will have just planes
  • Derived classes (e.g. ClipShape) carry additional data of a swept shape.
  • ClipPrimitive can be constructed with no planes.
    • Derived class is responsible for filling the plane sets.
    • At discretion of derived classes, plane construction can be done at construction time or "on demand when" queries call ensurePlaneSets ()
  • ClipPrimitive can be constructed with planes (and no derived class).

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Name Description
constructor(planeSet?: UnionOfConvexClipPlaneSets, isInvisible: boolean = false): ClipPrimitive Protected    
arePlanesDefined(): boolean Returns true if the planes are present.  
classifyPointContainment(points: Point3d[], ignoreInvisibleSetting: boolean): ClipPlaneContainment Quick test of whether the given points fall completely inside or outside.  
clone(): ClipPrimitive Return a deep clone  
containsZClip(): boolean Return true if any plane of the primary clipPlanes has (a) non-zero z component in its normal vector and (b) finite distance from origin.  
ensurePlaneSets(): void * trigger (if needed) computation of plane sets (if applicable) in the derived class.  
fetchClipPlanesRef(): UnionOfConvexClipPlaneSets | undefined Get a reference to the UnionOfConvexClipPlaneSets.  
multiplyPlanesByMatrix4d(matrix: Matrix4d, invert: boolean = true, transpose: boolean = true): boolean Multiply all ClipPlanes DPoint4d by matrix.  
pointInside(point: Point3d, onTolerance: number = Geometry.smallMetricDistanceSquared): boolean Return true if the point lies inside/on this polygon (or not inside/on if this polygon is a mask).  
setInvisible(invisible: boolean): void Sets both the clip plane set and the mask set visibility  
toJSON(): any Emit json form of the clip planes  
transformInPlace(transform: Transform): boolean Apply a transform to the clipper (e.g.  
createCapture(planes: UnionOfConvexClipPlaneSets | ConvexClipPlaneSet | undefined, isInvisible: boolean = false): ClipPrimitive Static Create a ClipPrimitive, capturing the supplied plane set as the clip planes.  
fromJSON(json: any): ClipPrimitive | undefined Static Promote json object form to class instance
First try to convert to a ClipShape
then try as a standalone instance of the base class ClipPrimitive.
fromJSONClipPrimitive(json: any): ClipPrimitive | undefined Static Specific converter producing the base class ClipPrimitive.  


Name Type Description
_clipPlanes Protected undefined | UnionOfConvexClipPlaneSets The (union of) convex regions.  
_invisible Protected boolean If true, pointInside inverts the sense of the pointInside for the _clipPlanes  
invisible Accessor ReadOnly boolean Ask if this primitive is a hole.  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019