multiplyPlaneByMatrix4d Method

Multiply the ClipPlane's DPoint4d by matrix.

multiplyPlaneByMatrix4d(matrix: Matrix4d, invert: boolean = true, transpose: boolean = true): boolean

Parameter Type Description
matrix Matrix4d matrix to apply
invert boolean if true, use in verse of the matrix.
transpose boolean if true, use the transpose of the matrix (or inverse, per invert parameter)
Note that if matrixA is applied to all of space, the matrix to send to this method to get a corresponding effect on the plane is the inverse transpose of matrixA
Callers that will apply the same matrix to many planes should pre-invert the matrix for efficiency.
* Both params default to true to get the full effect of transforming space.

Returns - false if unable to invert

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Last Updated: 13 October, 2019