BSplineWrapMode Enumeration

Enumeration of the possible ways of converting a "periodic" knot vector to an open knot vector. None (0) ==> no wrap possible OpenByAddintControlPoints (1) ==> wrapped by adding poles OpenByRemovingKnots (2) ==> wrapped by deleting extreme knots.


Name Value Description
None 0 No conversion to periodic
OpenByAddingControlPoints 1 Convert to periodic by removing control points. This is typical for closed bcurve constructed by control points with maximum continuity.
Knots stay the same in open and periodic form.
Periodic form omits {degree} control points.
OpenByRemovingKnots 2 Convert to periodic by adding special knots. This is typical of closed bcurve constructed as exact circular or elliptic arc
2 knots on each end are omitted in open form
poles stay the same.

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020