GrowableFloat64Array Class

A GrowableFloat64Array is Float64Array accompanied by a count of how many of the array's entries are considered in use.

  • In C++ terms, this is like an std::vector
  • As entries are added to the array, the buffer is reallocated as needed to accommodate.
  • The reallocations leave unused space to accept further additional entries without reallocation.
  • The length property returns the number of entries in use.
  • the capacity property returns the (usually larger) length of the (over-allocated) Float64Array.


Name Description
constructor(initialCapacity: number = 8): GrowableFloat64Array    
atUncheckedIndex(index: number): number Access by index, without bounds check  
back(): number Access the final member, without bounds check  
capacity(): number Returns the number of entries in the supporting Float64Array buffer.  
clear(): void Clear the array to 0 length.  
clone(maintainExcessCapacity: boolean = false): GrowableFloat64Array Return a new array with
All active entries copied from this instance
optionally trimmed capacity to the active length or replicate the capacity and unused space.
compressAdjacentDuplicates(tolerance: number = 0): void * compress out multiple copies of values.  
ensureCapacity(newCapacity: number): void If the capacity (Float64Array length) is less than or equal to the requested newCapacity, do nothing
If the requested newCapacity is larger than the existing capacity, reallocate (and copy existing values) with the larger capacity.
front(): number Access the 0-index member, without bounds check  
move(i: number, j: number): void Move the value at index i to index j.  
pop(): void * Reduce the length by one.  
push(toPush: number): void append a single value to the array.  
pushBlockCopy(copyFromIndex: number, numToCopy: number): void Push a numToCopy consecutive values starting at copyFromIndex to the end of the array.  
reassign(index: number, value: number): void set a value by index  
resize(newLength: number, padValue: number = 0): void * If newLength is less than current (active) length, just set (active) length.  
restrictToInterval(a: number, b: number): void * compress out values not within the [a,b] interval.  
setAtUncheckedIndex(index: number, value: number): void Set the value at specified index.  
sort(compareMethod: (a: any, b: any) => number = void * Sort the array entries.  
swap(i: number, j: number): void swap the values at indices i and j  
compare(a: any, b: any): number Static sort-compatible comparison.  
create(contents: Float64Array | number[]): GrowableFloat64Array Static Create a GrowableFloat64Array with given contents.  


Name Type Description
length Accessor ReadOnly number Returns the number of entries in use.  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019