Change Log - frontend-devtools


Tue Jan 07 2020


  • Average the gpu profiler times for the last 120 frames instead of updating each frame; also simplify PerformanceMetrics


Tue Dec 10 2019


  • Add tool for attaching a reality model.
  • Added keyins for adjusting tile size modifiers.


Fri Nov 22 2019


  • Key-in for selecting elements by Id; option to include part references in InspectElementTool output.
  • Fixed missing exports.
  • Stop the keypress and keydown events in the frontend-devtools keyin field from propagating to other elements.
  • Inspect element key-in now accepts any number of elemnent Ids as a comma-separated list.
  • Key-in for compiling all registered shader programs.
  • Added missing topic descriptions
  • Remove manipulator and marker test code from project extents debug decoration.


Fri Nov 01 2019


  • Add debug tool for drape frustum
  • Update this.keyins when new ones are discovered. Match englishKeyin.
  • Fixes for making volume classifiers work.
  • Additional options for emphasize selection key-in.
  • Add ability to record GPU profiling data to Chrome Event Trace Format.
  • Key-in for visualizing shadow frustum.
  • Visualization of tile requests; key-in to measure time required to load tiles for view.
  • Added more types of memory tracking to MemoryTracker.


Wed Oct 09 2019


  • Added key-in to toggle between metric and imperial units formatting.
  • Add GPU timing queries for devtools.
  • Key-ins for modifying hilite settings.


Mon Sep 30 2019


  • added support for blank IModelConnections
  • Improved configurability of KeyinField.
  • DiagnosticsPanel can now be configured to exclude specific components.
  • Added tool to get geometry summary
  • Added ability to cycle through previously-entered key-ins in KeyinField.
  • Add tool to transition between reality and BIM models (demonstrate model animation).
  • Added key-in to toggle debugging tooltips.
  • #168481 Tool assistance: Measure tools, view clip tools, and touch cursor inputs.
  • upgrade to TypeScript 3.6.2
  • Fix WindowAreaTool full screen cursor. Added selected view frustum debug tool.


Tue Sep 10 2019


  • Added key-in documentation to README.
  • Added keyins for functionality previously exposed by DiagnosticsPanel UI.
  • Reduced vertical space consumed by DiagnosticsPanel.
  • Added keyins for saving the current view state as JSON and re-applying it later.
  • Added keyin for toggling pseudo-wiremesh surface display.
  • Prevent TextBox key events propagating to document.


Tue Aug 13 2019


  • Add a frontend keyin UI and handler.
  • Key-ins for emphasizing and isolating elements.
  • Added keyin for changing view flags.
  • Directory organization; package initialization; documentation; new key-ins.


Wed Jul 24 2019


  • Improved dev radiobox
  • Added inline option to createTextBox.
  • Added the ability to visualize the project extents of an iModel.


Mon Jul 01 2019

Minor changes

  • Package created from display-test-app's debug menu and ui widgets.


  • Added total number of dispatched tile requests and of cache misses to tile statistics tracker.
  • Include number of tile trees in memory tracker panel.
  • Update to TypeScript 3.5

Last Updated: 08 January, 2020