RepositoryStatus Enumeration

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Return codes for methods which perform repository management operations


Name Value Description
Success 0  
ServerUnavailable 86017 The repository server did not respond to a request
LockAlreadyHeld 86018 A requested lock was already held by another briefcase
SyncError 86019 Failed to sync briefcase manager with server
InvalidResponse 86020 Response from server not understood
PendingTransactions 86021 An operation requires local changes to be committed or abandoned
LockUsed 86022 A lock cannot be relinquished because the associated object has been modified
CannotCreateChangeSet 86023 An operation required creation of a ChangeSet, which failed
InvalidRequest 86024 Request to server not understood
ChangeSetRequired 86025 A change set committed to the server must be integrated into the briefcase before the operation can be completed
CodeUnavailable 86026 A requested DgnCode is reserved by another briefcase or in use
CodeNotReserved 86027 A DgnCode cannot be released because it has not been reserved by the requesting briefcase
CodeUsed 86028 A DgnCode cannot be relinquished because it has been used locally
LockNotHeld 86029 A required lock is not held by this briefcase
RepositoryIsLocked 86030 Repository is currently locked, no changes allowed

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Last Updated: 03 June, 2019