Name Description
ActivityLoggingContext A notion of the logging context in which a backend operation is performed, used to correlate
BeDuration A duration of time.
BeEvent Manages a set of listeners for a particular event and notifies them when the event is raised.
BeEventList A list of BeEvent objects, accessible by an event name.
BentleyError The error type thrown by this module.
BeTimePoint A specific point in time relative to the current time.
BeUiEvent Specialization of BeEvent for Ui events that take a single strongly typed argument.
BunyanLoggerConfig Helps to configure the bentleyjs-core Logger to use bunyan.
Dictionary Maintains a mapping of keys to values.
DisposableList A disposable container of disposable objects.
Entry An entry holds the key and value, and pointers to any older and newer entries.
EnvMacroSubst Helps with macro-substitution
FluentdBunyanLoggerConfig Helps to configure the bentleyjs-core Logger to use fluentd and seq.
IndexedValue Associates a value of type T with an index representing its insertion order in an IndexMap
IndexMap Maintains a set of unique elements in sorted order and retains the insertion order of each.
Logger Logger allows libraries and apps to report potentially useful information about operations, and it allows apps and users to control
LRUMap A Map of a key/value pairs, where the size of the map can be limited.
PerfLogger Simple performance diagnostics utility.
PriorityQueue A priority queue implemented as a heap array.
SeqLoggerConfig Helps to configure the bentleyjs-core Logger to use bunyan and seq.
SortedArray Maintains an array of some type T in sorted order.
StopWatch A StopWatch for timing operations.
TransientIdSequence Generates unique Id64String values in sequence, which are guaranteed not to conflict with Ids associated with persistent elements or models.


Name Description
BentleyStatus Standard status code.
BriefcaseStatus Error status from various briefcase operations
ChangeSetApplyOption Options that specify how to apply ChangeSets.
ChangeSetStatus Error status from various ChangeSet operations
DbOpcode Values, stored in changesets, that indicate what operation was performed on the database.
DbResult Values for return codes from BeSQLite functions.
HttpStatus Status from returned HTTP status code
IModelStatus Status codes that are used in conjunction with BentleyError.
OpenMode Whether to open a database readonly or writeable.
RepositoryStatus Return codes for methods which perform repository management operations
RpcInterfaceStatus RpcInterface status codes
WSStatus Server returned WSG errors

Global Functions

Name Description
assert Assert by throwing a programmer error.
base64StringToUint8Array Given a base-64-encoded string, decode it into an array of bytes.
dispose Convenience function for disposing of a disposable object that may be undefined.
disposeArray Disposes of and empties a list of disposable objects.
lowerBound Given a sorted array, computes the position at which the specified value should be inserted into the array so that the array remains sorted.
shallowClone A CloneFunction that, given a value of type T, returns the same value.
using A 'using' function which is a substitution for .NET's using statement.
utf8ToString Given an array of bytes containing a utf-8 string, convert to a string.


Name Description
IDisposable Interface adopted by a type which has deterministic cleanup logic.
IFluentdConfig fluentd logging server configuration.
LoggerCategoryAndLevel Identifies a logging category and the LogLevel that should be used for it.
LoggerLevelsConfig Specifies logging levels, including the default logging level and a set of categories and levels for them.
SeqConfig seq logging server configuration.
StatusCodeWithMessage When you want to associate an explanatory message with an error status value.


Name Description
Guid The Guid namespace provides facilities for working with GUID strings using the "8-4-4-4-12" pattern.
Id64 The Id64 namespace provides facilities for working with 64-bit identifiers.
JsonUtils Utility functions for converting from JSON objects, with default values.

Type Aliases

Name Description
CloneFunction A function that, given a value of type T, returns a copy of that value.
DisposeFunc A definition of function which may be called to dispose an object
GetMetaDataFunction Defines the signature for a function that returns meta-data related to an error.
GuidString A string containing a well-formed string representation of a Guid.
Id64Arg Used as an argument to a function that can accept one or more Id64Strings.
Id64Array An array of Id64Strings.
Id64Set A set of Id64Strings.
Id64String A string containing a well-formed string representation of an Id64.
Listener A function invoked when a BeEvent is raised.
LogFunction Defines the signature for a log function.
OrderedComparator A function that returns a numerical value indicating how two objects are ordered in relation to one another.

Last Updated: 17 December, 2018