Glossary of terms in iModel.js UI

Term Definition
Backstage A menu used to open Frontstages and launch Tasks and commands. It is opened by clicking or pressing the App button. It can open a full-screen overlay presenting application settings and data management to the user.
Content Control A collection of Content Views.
Content Group A collection of Content Views.
Content Layout A layout configuration of Content Views.
Content View A representation of an iModel's data.
Dialog A small temporary window of options presented to the user.
Frontstage A full-screen configuration designed to enable the user to accomplish a task. There are three types: Primary, Nested and Modal.
Keyboard Shortcut A keystroke or combination of keystrokes used to launch a command or tool.
Navigation Aid A user interface control that moves the user's perspective around within a specific Content View.
Stage Panel A panel defined as part of a Frontstage that displays to the left, right, above or below the 9-zone area.
Status Bar The Widget that gives the user feedback about the state of an application.
Status Field An area of the Status Bar assigned to display specific feedback about the active application.
Task A specific piece of work to accomplish.
Tool Settings Properties that modify the behavior and outcome of the active tool.
Widget A collection of UI components tied to a particular zone that allows the user to view and/or modify data relevant to their current context.
Workflow A defined sequence of tasks used to accomplish a goal.
Zone A standard area on the screen for users to read and interact with data applicable to the current task. Each Zone has a defined purpose.

Last Updated: 10 September, 2019