The App Frontend

The frontend of an app is concerned mainly with data display and user interaction. Frontend code:

  • Always runs in a web browser.
  • Gets access to the data in an iModel by making requests on a backend.

The following app configurations are supported:

See the app architecture overview for more on app structure.

See best practices for writing frontend code and using ECSQL efficiently.

An app's frontend always implements its own frontend script and resources.

An app's frontend will often depend on npm packages to help implement its GUI.

An app's frontend script requires the @bentley/imodeljs-frontend npm package. The common packages will also be required.

These packages provide the following functions that a frontend requires:

Web browser compatibility

Note: The quality of the web browser's WebGL implementation has a big impact on display performance.


  • Chrome (recommended for development)
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Opera

Not supported

  • Internet Explorer

Last Updated: 03 June, 2019