Describes a strongly typed kind for a property. This kind identifies what is being measured and stored in an ECProperty. It is used for grouping like properties, setting units and display formatting, and creating quantity objects in scripts.


typeName Defines the name of this KindOfQuantity. Must be a valid ECName and be unique among all other items in a schema.

description A user-facing description of the KindOfQuantity. Localized and may be shown in a UI.

displayLabel A localized display label that will be used instead of the name in a GUI. If not set the Type Name of the KindOfQuantity will be used.

persistenceUnit The unit values of this kind will be stored in.

relativeError The number of significant digits values of this kind have. Zero means none set.

defaultPresentationFormat The Format used when displaying this kind of value in the UI. The persistence unit with a default format is used if not set.

alternativePresentationFormats A list of additional formats available to show in the UI.

Last Updated: 03 June, 2019